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In modern windows the glass pane has become much bigger and heavier  compared to the glass used in the past; however the fastening system for the glazing stop has remained practically the same over the years.
In fact, we have passed from normal nails that fixed the glazing stop strip to headless needles  applied with a pneumatic gun. This change took place because the nail heads rusted, spoiling the appearance of the paint coating on the glazing stop, whereas the use of needles, besides enabling faster working, also have a minor visual impact.
In any case, both blocking systems, with nails or with needles, do not guarantee an adequate safety level against intrusion or against strong gusts of wind and it is possible that the pane, following severe strain falls into the room, causing a serious hazard for the persons living in the house.
It is absurd that the matter of safety, which is so strongly felt, is followed up in the ironmongery which becomes increasingly stronger, whereas the glass fastening remains weak and insufficient.
The poor guarantee of this anchorage system has been further highlighted by the results obtained in laboratory on  door/window frames tested to assess strength performance under heavy gusts of wind.
Therefore it is useless to install anti-intrusion ironmongery if the glass is not anchored with a more secure system.
The only alternative realised up to date has been to replace the nails and headless needles with steel screws.
In this case, after dedicating a lot of time to hide the hanging and closing ironmongery from sight, appearance has been heavily penalised.
Furthermore with insertion of screws at regular intervals, to obtain an elegant result, much more time is required compared to the time required to insert needles.
In fact, the glazing stop strip, before insertion of the screws, has to be pre-drilled following the correct calculation of centre distances and maintaining the correct symmetry on all sides of the window/door frame.
The solution we propose is called “BLOCK-ello”. It is a bush in a special plastic material that can fix the glass in a secure manner without being seen on the glazing stop strip.
The operation is carried out as follows:
with the specific perforating machine (Block-matic), a hole is produced in the internal part of the glazing stop;
the glazing stop strip  must have a minimum thickness of 14 x16 mm and a maximum of 40 x 20 mm. In this hole the Block-elllo bush is inserted with the insert slide extracted, to be subsequently screwed against the glass to ensure a secure clamping.
It is recommended to insert a  block-ello approximately every 30/40 cm, although since the bush is concealed, precision is not significant.
The final result will be a very secure glass clamping, the strength of the material is such  that the glass cannot be pushed out of its seat in any way. The advantages of this system  are not bound only to the strength of the clamping and the quality of appearance; in fact, if the glass has to be replaced it is easy to take out the glazing stop, remove the screw and insert a new glass.


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The proposed system allows the automatic silicone application through the use of an anthropomorphic six axes robot.
Thanks to its special characteristics of flexibility and precision, the robot allows to obtain the best results in the field of silicon application: constant thickness, reduced consumption of product, improving of application quality, labour reduction are just some of the advantages obtainable through the use of this system.






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